My lifestyle change and wellness journey began at the age of 25. I had been smoking cigarettes for 9 years, drinking alcohol and not caring about what I was eating and I felt miserable. The day I reached rock bottom was when we got a knock on the door saying my Step Dad took his life April 16, 2010. It was that day I quit smoking cigarettes, stopped the booze and joined Work Out West to try and better the person I saw in the mirror. I worked over a year and half to get the physique I always wanted and I fell in love with fitness. I knew I wanted to help others reach their true potential so became a Certified Personal Trainer through AAAI/ISMA in March of 2012. Now I am not only a Personal Trainer but a certified Spin instructor (Synergy Cycle), a Certified Tabata Bootcamp Instructor and a Certified Country Heat Instructor. I teach at the best kept secret in Greeley, the WOW FIT STUDIO, and I am the proud business owner of Choice Nutrition. I am married to the man of my dreams, Jeremy Watson, whom I met at WOW and is a PT at WOW as well. I have been Nationally qualified as a bikini competitor in the NPC. I have overcome bilateral ACL tears, so when it comes to rehabbing your knees I have been there and know what it takes. My motto in life is "Nothing worth having is easy" We all have battles in our lives but we must understand that when life knocks us down we need to GET BACK UP! My mission in life is to help others be healthier happier versions of themselves, physically, mentally, emotional, spiritually and so much more! For true long lasting change you need proper nutrition and movement! Let me help you find out what will work best for you! Thank you and God Bless! 



I was not a kid who played recreational, high school, or club sports. In fact, I first got into fitness after high school when I had the dream of being a Calvin Klein underwear model, and that prompted me to pick up the latest copy of Muscle and Fitness. In that magazine, I saw an ad for personal trainers, so I applied, left my home in Pueblo, Colorado, and moved to Colorado Springs to go to school to earn my certificate. That was in 2006. At that point, I was hooked on fitness and used my knowledge as a certified personal trainer to compete in six natural bodybuilding shows.


I love my job as a fitness professional. I believe fitness is a metaphor for life. It’s not subjective—you get out of it what you put in to it. If you have a clear purpose in your mind and then apply the required action, results in the body will follow. By going through a transformation process, many key attributes develop: hard work, sweat equity, discipline, and diligence. Fitness is more than how you look in the mirror. Fitness is made up of muscular and cardio endurance, flexibility, and strength. One of my life goals is to inspire as many people as I can, teach them to believe in themselves, and show them more effective methods for achieving their fitness goals. My motto is: Redefine your limits!



I have always been athletic and had a natural talent for sports, so my weight was never an issue—until I had children. During both pregnancies, I became nauseous whenever I cooked, so I ate out a lot. After my second child was born, I joined a gym and began working out with all the other moms. It was great motivation, but it only took me so far. That's when I got a trainer and discovered I was able to work out on a whole other level. I reached my weight and body fat goal, and, at the same time, had the passion to want to help other people feel the way I did at that moment. I became a NASM personal trainer and was hired at Work Out West where I continue to do what I love—motivating and pushing others to reach their own fitness goals. Juggling family, carpool, work, life, I understand the stress of putting one’s self in that mix along with the daily struggle of eating right and working out. I thrive on helping others succeed and giving them the tools they need in order to make life manageable for them. My philosophy is workouts should be challenging, productive, and fun!




Fitness has always been a part of my life. My parents kept me active and involved in sports when I was younger. My father was my fitness mentor and introduced me to weights when I was in 8th grade, but my fitness journey really began when I fell in love with basketball. I played for 11 years and learned the importance of practice and teamwork. I loved being a part of a team, and still do. My family and Zumba Fitness crew have been my biggest inspiration and have motivated me to lead a healthy, happy, and balanced life. I believe dancing is definitely a short cut to happiness and an awesome overall body workout. As a fitness instructor, I strive to motivate and empower our clients by bringing a positive attitude to a fun fitness routine. Watching people accomplish their fitness goals, release stress, and smile while getting a great workout brings me great joy. I believe we should experience everything in moderation except for…fun. Live, love, & DANCE, that’s my motto.




I was always the last one picked for any sports team, the first one sent to the outfield in little league, and the first one out in dodge ball. Being athletic just wasn’t in my nature. After high school, I took a Hi Lo Aerobics class and I was hooked! I realized then that I didn’t need to be an athlete to be fit. During college, my friends and I found fitness as a great way to have fun together and burn calories so we could still enjoy eating peanut M&M’s without all the guilt. I also enjoyed all of the newfound energy I had and wanted to share it, so I started teaching classes for Campus Life.  After graduating, I needed a gym and decided to join Work Out West. They were looking for an instructor for an evening class so I applied and got the job. Since then, I have taught many more classes and have had the opportunity to share my passion to stay fit with our many clients. Fitness has had such an impact on my life, and I love helping others reach their fitness goals.


I have a passion for health and fitness that began when I was younger. I grew up enjoying sports including soccer, swim, and softball, as well as spending my time outside hiking, hunting and fishing. That all abruptly came to a halt after developing multiple health challenges in high school that have continued to affect me throughout my adult life. It was because of these challenges that I started studying Sports and Exercise Science at the University of Northern Colorado to ultimately gain a better understanding and knowledge of the body to use my experiences to help other people. I absolutely love the career I’m in now. I have gained experience as a Fit Studio instructor, through personal training, and working at the UNC Cancer Rehab Institute with recovering cancer survivors. I’ll be graduating in May 2017 with a B.S. in Sports and Exercise Science. I understand the challenge of overcoming limitations and working hard to reach new health goals. I’d be happy to help you achieve your next personal fitness level


I will graduate in May of 2017 with my B.S. is Sports and Exercise Science and B.A. In Psychology. After graduation I plan to get my Master's degree in Sports Psychology.
I believe in the power of exercise not only to heal the body, but the mind too. I want to help others reach their potential by creating balance within their life and show them how to live an active and healthy lifestyle!

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