I have been going to the Fit Studio for the past year and have not only learned proper form but it has also helped boost my confidence in the gym! What I love about Fit is that everyone is welcoming and I can go at my own pace. I may not be able to do all the exercises but the instructors help me modify to things I can do. It's like having a personal trainer for the fraction of the price. I highly recommend coming in and checking out the variety of classes they offer!                                                                        ~Kaitlin B.

I love the FitStudio because of the high intensity strength training and cardio. No workout is the same so you are always challenged, and with the MyZone system you can make sure you are getting your best workout for your fitness level. The instructors are fabulous. The environment is welcoming without "gymtimidation". I have definitely swapped out fat for muscle since I've been coming to the FitStudio. It's the best workout in town!   ~Courtney W.

Hi my name is Kim Dorsey and I just wanted to tell you why I love working out at the WOW Fit Studio! This studio has the greatest workout instructors who will work with everyone and make each class suited to everyone's abilities! We are like a little family and that is why it makes this studio so special! If you ever have questions or concerns they are always there for you! I look forward to going to class everyday! Love this little family.                       ~Kim D.

I started my fitness journey with insanity... when the instructor left to have a baby, I started looking for something as intense. That's when I found Fit Studio. Not only is it a challenge, but the time flies while you're working hard! I love that the routine changes weekly to use all of your muscles with new exercise formats. The class schedule is super flexible! Work out at the same time every day, or change your class time to fit your plans for that week! All instructors do an amazing job of pushing you to new fitness levels!                     ~Andrea H.

The fit studio is an amazing experience for me! I love going and challenging my mind and my body with trainers who truly care about your success. I made many new friends who are on their own fitness journey, but in the end we were all there to support and encourage one another! The atmosphere is great, the lights are low with a disco ball!! Come join us!                                               ~Jamie C.

I love the upbeat/positive staff/trainers. Always so friendly and encouraging. I enjoy that every time I go to Fit Studio, my body is challenged, because no 2 classes are alike. I really like the small class sizes (only 25 people per class allowed), and the interval training method. I like that I can use the MyZone belt to see the intensity level of my own workout, and how many calories I've burned in a class. And, I typically burn 400-500 cal per 45 minute class!!      ~Amanda P.