Fitness is so important for everybody's body. That's why we have recently expanded the age range at the Studio! Anyone ages 8 years and up is allowed to come participate in our classes! (Younger clients MUST have an adult working out with them during class.)


Our instructors are experienced and ready to help give modifications to any of the exercises. Whether your bones are young or mature, your body is injured or healing, or you would like something more challenging, never hesitate to ask! This workout is about YOU and YOUR SUCCESS.

I have been going to the Fit Studio for the past year and have not only learned proper form but it has also helped boost my confidence in the gym! What I love about the Fit Studio is that everyone is welcoming and I can go at my own pace. I may not be able to do all the exercises but the instructors help me modify to things I can do. It's like having a personal trainer for the fraction of the price. I highly recommend coming in and checking out the variety of classes they offer!                                                                        ~Kaitlin B.