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I have always been passionate about health and fitness from a very young age, from martial arts to track and finally cheerleading through college. After earning my Doctorate in Pharmacy from the University of Wyoming, I found myself without a sport or team for the first time in my life. I believe very strongly that as human beings we innately want to be active. There is an athlete within each of us, you just have to find your sport and I was trying to find mine. I tried triathlons, races, mud runs, etc. and while these were fun they did not satisfy my need to be continually pushing towards some goal and competing. I felt I finally found my sport when a friend suggested I try competing in figure and I won my class at the Colorado State Bodybuilding Championships. I came away from the experience empowered by what you can accomplish when you devote yourself to a goal and the potential that lies within each of us. As a healthcare provider, I was also concerned about the practices that some competitors used in their preparation for the show. There are many ways to prepare for a show, just as there are many ways to lose weight, but not all of them are good. I wanted to be a part of positively effecting and educating people about scientifically based healthy choices, supplements and nutrition. After reflecting upon the whole experience, with the fire to compete reignited and the desire to learn, I found a new goal and passion to help others lead happier, healthier lives by helping teach them to make healthier choices.


As a pharmacist, I often see people who are literally killing themselves with their lifestyle choices. While I desire to help treat their ailments by providing the highest quality care I can, I also want to help them make better lifestyle choices to prevent or minimize many health problems. If we could approach health and fitness with a multi-dimensional approach, as opposed to just reacting to problems when they occur and adding a medication, then we would really have the potential to change lives.


I am passionate about educating and guiding others to create real, manageable and maintainable healthy lifestyles. I don’t believe in fad diets, quick fixes or magic potions and pills but I do believe in teaching about how your body works most efficiently and using individualized, goal-directed changes which have the greatest potential to impact each individual while still fitting into your current lifestyle. Every person is different so every person will have their own path to follow on the journey to a healthier lifestyle. Let me help you identify the most efficient and effective ways to reach your goals.

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Meet Coach Jeremy Gregory


In a world run by fad diets, crash diets, diet pills and fitness myths, there is Precision Nutrition to set the record straight. I want to help people be successful on their journey to making themselves healthier from the inside-out. Fitness isn’t just about what you look like on the outside but about how your body processes everything internally. So with Precision Nutrition and I, we will be able to help you set goals and achieve them in a realistic time line. Not only will you look fantastic after cleaning up your diet, but you will feel even better!


I love my job as a fitness professional. I believe fitness is a metaphor for life - its non subjective and you get what you put in. If you get your mind right with a clear purpose, and then apply the required action, results in the body will follow. By going through the process (the transformation) many key attributes are learned: hard work, sweat equity, disciple, and diligence. Fitness is more than how you look in the mirror. Fitness is made up of muscular and cardio endurance, flexibility, and strength. One of my goals in life is to inspire as many people as I can, teach them to believe in themselves, and to show them a more effective method of achieving their fitness goals. Redefine your limits!

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