Understanding that the aging Baby Boomer generation represents the largest sector of our population, we know how important it is to address their unique fitness needs.  


·       Flexibility becomes an issue with age  

·       Motivation doesn’t come as easily  

·       Staying engaged and social is paramount


You might be getting older, but that doesn't mean you have to slow down. In fact, some of our best trainers at the Studio are Baby Boomers themselves and represent the essence of aging well and staying FIT.

As you age, you start losing muscle mass. You lose muscle mass even more quickly once you turn 50. If your body is sending you a message in the form of aches and pains that you didn't have to battle during your earlier adult years, our focus on flexibility and mobility is just right for you.

Our certified trainers will help you position your body correctly as you exercise so you avoid injury due to improper form and placement.

Check out a class—we’ve designed it just for you!