If you want a leaner, meaner you, and you’re not a kid or a Baby Boomer, we have plenty of fun, energetic and challenging classes designed with you in mind. 


Our 45-minute (routinely modified) classes are designed to get you in and out, and most importantly, deliver RESULTS!  We respect your busy life—work, family, commitments—and  want to make it convenient and effective for you to exercise with us. We also know that having FUN in a supportive environment is a key component to long-term success.


Below is a weekly outline of scheduled sessions:

MONDAY              Upper Body, Core & Cardio

TUESDAY              Lower Body, Core & Cardio

WEDNESDAY        FULL BODY, Core & Cardio

THURSDAY           Upper Body, Core & Cardio

FRIDAY                  Lower Body, Core & Cardio

SATURDAY           FULL BODY, Core & Cardio



Check out our routinely modified 45-minute classes!


There are smarter ways to work out than just running in place on the treadmill

at a moderate intensity three times a week. By paying attention to factors such

as intensity levels and duration of exercise, we can help you increase the benefits of your

workouts so you are working out smarter, not harder. Active adults who want to reap all the benefits of an intense training session in just 45 minutes will definitely want to take advantage of our state-of-the-art MYZONE® workout monitoring system.